November project

Posted on: December 2, 2008

DSC_9582, originally uploaded by gcbb.

A little update on what I`m doing besides the Teknoform course. Together with Knut, we have worked on some media stations for the Deichmanske library in Oslo, Norway. The stations have been conceived from a studio course at IDE, AHO in Oslo, Norway and the Industrial design institute at HfG in Offenbach, Germany together with the OCEAN research and design network. Knut and I came in on the very end of the project, and have programed- and installed a reactive LED lighting system that communicates with the machines (Mac) as well as installing/fitting speakers, mini-macs and touchscreens.

Here are some footage from the process:

and more images to be found @: http://www.flickr.com/gp/12792444@N04/9P0758

I shall try to show the project more in detail later.


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I am a master student at the Oslo school of Architecture & Design in Norway. My studies are in industrial design, focused on interaction design and tangible interactions. This blog follows a studio course called "Touch - new local interfaces" that researches tangible interaction and networked objects specially through RFID technology. My projects investigates interactions in the public domain, and is working against services around bike-sharing systems. Feel free to comment! Gunnar Bothner-By

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