Posted on: May 20, 2008

Today I have been doing concept-testing out in the streets. Joachim, Andre and Jan-Christian joined me for a couple of hours to do some chasing around st.Hans-haugen. We tried two game- concepts: Tag, and bingo, with camera mobiles strapped to the bicycles.


The first game was done in three intervals, with an increasing arena to play around. This was to warm up- and to get into the gaming. It turned out, quite obviously that the bigger arena, the more fun! However, we were to few to really unfold within the borough. This could be solved with a radar that give you hints on the directions to competitors.  Joachim, Jan-Christian and Andre were most keen on the game of bingo, were everyone got tasks of what to take an image of. This seemed to because it allowed them to roam on longer distances. All in all it gave me a good insight into the restrictions and possibilities in the games.


Andre hunting down an innocent passerby.

And I have started on my first draft of the final paper, not to be concidered…chaser-documentation-paper-1draft


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