prototypes, laser-sintering and a little music…

Posted on: May 12, 2008

The time is running and the project is going forward. I´m working on a direction where the city-bike service is used as an infrastructure for games (more on that in my previous post). And for this week I really want to confine that idea, so that I can look at different interactions. There are some scheduled activities:

Rapid prototyping

A joint for a three-legged taburet, made by laser-sintering. This rapid prototyping lets the designer make higly complex geometries. Look at flickr´s digital fabrication group for inspiration.

This week our the studio will present our projects for other students currently occupied with rapid prototyping using laser-sintering. Their course is a learning course in project-based teamwork, and focused on production methods. Rapid prototyping (RP) using laser-sintering technology is a complex process that takes digital 3d computer models and “prints” them into physical models.

The students will work in team on our projects. For this I will present my project, and write a design brief.

They will be working with the casing for the electronics on the bike, but I want them to experiment and iterate on the brief, as to give me different solutions and new perspectives on my idea.

The presentation will be posted Wednesdays


Further work this week will be to try out bike game play with other people. I am making a simple prototype that is basically a camera that is easily triggered while cycling. I also want this prototype to have some “charge” mechanism that can when the cyclist may take the photos. To make the work-load smaller, I will make one working type and other mock-ups, so that more people can try together. More will follow.

but first some music: I have managed to piece together a little muxtape for while you wait:


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I am a master student at the Oslo school of Architecture & Design in Norway. My studies are in industrial design, focused on interaction design and tangible interactions. This blog follows a studio course called "Touch - new local interfaces" that researches tangible interaction and networked objects specially through RFID technology. My projects investigates interactions in the public domain, and is working against services around bike-sharing systems. Feel free to comment! Gunnar Bothner-By

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