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Posted on: May 5, 2008

From Frog designs frog blog: “design conversations, not products” have similar thought on the design practice as Schulze&Webb´s idea of “Products are people to


and Schulze&Webb´s Olinda radio has been launched. It is a very interesting approach to a product serving more than the obvious function (in this case a radio, a audio application). The physical product is just the touch point to service!



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I am a master student at the Oslo school of Architecture & Design in Norway. My studies are in industrial design, focused on interaction design and tangible interactions. This blog follows a studio course called "Touch - new local interfaces" that researches tangible interaction and networked objects specially through RFID technology. My projects investigates interactions in the public domain, and is working against services around bike-sharing systems. Feel free to comment! Gunnar Bothner-By

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